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For the purpose of creating a new ball in 2048 Ballz, you will need to match balls.

Instructions for 2048 Ballz

Are you a fan of games that include bubble shooters and cognitive teasers? The 2048 Ballz game is a great method to relieve some of your stress immediately. There is just one need to win, and that is to drop the balls that have different numbers. When two balls with the same number come into contact with one another, the sum of the values of their numbers will be equal to the total value of the balls. As additional balls are added to the game, it gets more difficult to combine them into a single ball. For the purpose of avoiding becoming trapped with balls that cannot be combined, it is important to properly plan your slides.

Main Features

  • Participate in this game that is easy to understand yet difficult to master.
  • Construct a city by joining tiles that are similar to one another.
  • The tiles may be managed by simply sliding them around.
  • To construct your city, you may make use of the undo and bonus functions.

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