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The most recent fad is Geometry Dash Full Version, a game in which players must steer sharp spikes through a series of increasingly difficult levels.


The full version of Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based, side-scrolling platformer. You have to dance your way past the challenges in order to keep the beat going. If you make a blunder, you have to start over.


It's not easy, and it can get almost impossible.
The straightforward interface and controls make the game accessible to newcomers.
Excellent music that compels one to press play again and again
Take part in some rhythmic fun!

You can play free versions of Geometry Dash in your browser with these spin-off games:

How To Play

Pressing Up on Your Arrow Keyboard While Holding Down the Spacebar Will Cause You to Jump
Holding down Spacebar while pressing the Up Arrow allows for multiple jumps.
Arrow Up = Accelerate upwards
If you press the down arrow, the car will go downhill.
If you are pricked, you have to start again.

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