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The latest addition to the Dash genre, Geometry Dash Lite is an arcade game in which the player must navigate a course filled with geometric obstacles while listening to upbeat electronic music.


Enjoyable and difficult, Geometry Dash is a great arcade game. You should listen to upbeat music as you complete the course. The challenging gameplay of Geometry Dash is well deserved. To be honest, even from the outset, it is fairly challenging.


Rhapsody-inspired platforming mayhem, right this way!
New icons and colors may be unlocked to further customize your character.
Navigate spaceships, manipulate gravity, and more!
Use the practice mode to hone your abilities.
Just try the Near Impossible!

Rules to Success

If you decide to search for the coin, the level will become more challenging.

As a learning tool, Geometry Dash Light has a practice mode. Doing so will aid in identifying challenges and providing practice in overcoming them.

While the upbeat music in Geometry Dash is enjoyable and may help keep you motivated, it may also be difficult to ignore. If the music is bothersome, you can silence it.

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