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Geometry Dash is one of the most famous dash games followting the same rules as Geometry Dash Subzero in which you have to make an effort to pass all 3 levels by leaping and playing the part of a square block!


Robert Topala, a Swedish developer, developed . It's a lot fun to play the horizontal rhythm game Geometry Dash. This arcade game is all about music and mazes. Jump or soar across the square to accompany the music. As the game progresses, the levels of the game become faster. You must act quickly to save the square from collapsing.

Geometry Dash levels

Levels that have a 2-star reward are easy levels. These levels are easier than auto levels and provide the lowest difficulty.

Normal levels conclude with a three-star award

Hard Levels are those that, upon completion, grant 4 or 5 stars.

Insane Levels are levels that award 8 or 9 stars upon completion.

Demon is levels that award 10 stars when they are completed. These levels are among the most difficult in Geometry Dash and require a lot of practice.

How To Play

  • SPACE/UP Arrow = Jump
  • Multi-jump = HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow
  • UP Arrow = Move car up
  • DOWN Arrow = Move car down

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