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Alien Attack is an action-packed game that features stunning pixel graphics. Your objective is to eliminate all of the adversaries by shooting them directly.

Alien Attack Instructions

For those who appreciate adventure-classic games, Alien Attack is an excellent choice. Try it out today. The rule is straightforward. Protecting the planet from all extraterrestrial beings is your primary objective.  It is sufficient to jump from platform to platform and endeavor to engage all adversaries in a direct firefight. You may also attempt to execute double jumps in order to reach even higher platforms by switching your weapon. As you encounter adversaries that become increasingly formidable, your strategic upgrades and shooting abilities will be put to the test.

Key Features

  • Begin combating in 2D space with traditional graphics.
  • Many spaceships to select from Mercilessly hostile spaceships that can pose a challenge

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How To Play

  • WASD = Move,
  • Q = Switch Weapon,
  • R = Reload,
  • D+S = Slide,
  • 2xW = Double Jump
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