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The time-honored board game known as Among Us gives players the option of playing the game on a spaceship in the void of space, a skyscraper far up in the Earth's atmosphere, or an airship.

How to Play

A variety of helpful resources, including a camera system and sensors system, an administration panel, a vitality machine, and an administration panel, are accessible to players, and they have the opportunity to engage with these resources. It doesn't matter if the impostor is destroying a player or just changing their appearance; crew members can utilize this to capture them either way. Impostor ghosts have the ability to sabotage members of the Crew who are still physically present. At the start of a match, players have the opportunity to configure several aspects of the game, such as the number of impostors, the tempo of play, the map, the destroy cooldown, and more.

How To Play

Movement with WASD, arrow keys, and the mouse

To carry out an operation, you will need to move the mouse.

Tab key: Sabotage map, Personal map

Use/Doorlog/Security/Admin/Vitals may be accessed by using the Spacebar and the E key.

The Report button is the R key.

Q key: Destroy


F key: Action for a specialized job (Shift, Protect, Scientist Vitals, Engineer Vent)

Pressing the ESC key will either close the currently open interface or open the current menu.

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