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Back On Track will not only reveal the location of the gravity portal, the cyan gravity pad, and the secret coin collection, but it will also introduce the yellow jumppad!


Back on Track is the first game to include the yellow jumping pad. While it does have practical uses, it also poses a risk of physical harm. This allows for a wider range of possible jumps.


The first hidden coin, which may be gathered as part of the cube, can be found at the 41% point. You'll need to make a daring jump across a series of interconnected platforms, one of which is covered in spikes, once you've taken out a couple of the less perilous ones. The second hidden coin may be found just over the halfway point. It's called a ship, and it's what you're probably thinking about. Find the third hidden coin at the 84% point. The cube is a well-known name for this object. You'll first have to make your way past three rows of blocks, and then you'll go through three linked series of platforms.

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