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When you play Backflip Maniac, you will be taken on an extraordinary adventure, and the fundamental purpose of the game is for you to jump along with your character.

Instructions for Backflip Maniac

It is possible to win the game Backflip Maniac by simply causing your character to leap and completing all of the stages. This is the only requirement for victory. Additionally, you will be expected to take control of a dummy that is standing on a platform of some type, such as a truck or rooftop, and then jump backward. This will be a must. It is imperative that you do not overlook the opportunity to unlock a more challenging one, and you should proceed until you have finished all of the challenging ones. It is imperative that you remember to perform a flip, make the most of your strength and timing, and put your skills to the test!

Key Features

  • A tense and exciting action game that puts your skills to the test.
  • Graphics that are blocky and a control method that is straightforward

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