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As a more difficult and engaging take on the classic Geometry Dash formula, Base After Base is a must-try. Enjoy the charming tunes as you go through the many difficulties.

The fifth level in Geometry Dash Lite is called "Base After Base," and it's the game's first challenging level.

Find Out How to Get Hidden Coins

You need to land on a jump ring that hangs over three spikes, then slide down two levels to reach an exposed column that will bring you to the coin and a jumping pad. (22%)

After dodging two spikes overhead, you can ascend to the next platform. Then, after jumping over a spike, you can enter a gravity portal below. (47%)

The coin is at the end of the tunnel, which may be reached by flying through a gap and dodging three spikes. (67%)

How To Play

  • To leap, or to hop on the yellow rings, press [up][w][space].
  • To avoid the spikes,
  • It's recommended that you jump high by hitting the yellow pad. You may increase your jump height by tapping a bluepad (missing gravity portal).
  • Get extra credit by gathering the coins. If you want to turn on or off some effects, press the letter L. (to decrease lag).

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