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Your objective in Basketball Fever, which is a game that successfully combines elements of sports and puzzle games, is to acquire control of the hoops and get the maximum score possible on the scoreboard.

Instructions on Basketball Fever

Basketball Fever is a game that you should not overlook if you are a huge lover of all things related to basketball. To win this game, all you need to do is maintain the ball moving from one hoop to another while manipulating the hoop rather than the ball. This will allow you to get the best possible score. Simply letting off of the mouse button will cause the ball to rocket upward. You should strive to make as many flawless shots as you possibly can in order to improve your score.

Main Features

  • 2D pixelated visuals based on physics and a straightforward control scheme make this sports game both entertaining and addicting.
  • Your score will be determined by your movements.

Do you have a desire for more entertaining matches in sportsStreet Basketball and Super Hoops Basketball are both available for free games that you may play for your own reference.

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