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In the difficult adventure game Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan, you must assist Bob in completing a variety of tasks throughout Japan.

Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan instructions

Does the Bob the Robber Series appeal to you? If so, you should definitely give Bob the Robber Season 3: Japan a try for a fantastic experience! You have to be ready for challenging levels, strong security measures, and new foes in order to succeed. Even with guards, cameras, and zombies protecting you, you still have to take the whole amount of money from the building. Finish each stage to effectively commit theft. Take anything to open a door.


  • Explore more than 100 difficult levels.
  • Every level has distinct difficulties.
  • There are gifts on every level.
  • Obtain fresh characters and comics.
  • Use helpful tools to advance through stages more quickly.

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