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A fantastic bubble shooter called Bubble Shooter Arcade, in which the objective is to empty the board by popping bubbles of the same colour as those you've already shot.

Bubble Shooter Arcade Instructions

Bubble Shooter Arcade is a game that was produced by Softgames-Azerion. Two additional bubble rows are added at the rate of one every fifteen seconds. You need to pop as many bubbles as you can if you want to continue playing the game. In addition to that, it has a unique bubble that is colourless. When you are about to burst, you will notice that some bubbles begin to flash. Your previous scores are saved in Bubble Shooter Arcade, giving you the opportunity to come back and do better the next time you play.


  • Controls that are intuitive and visually engaging
  • Take yourself to new heights on a variety of musical levels.
  • The music is always positive and uplifting, regardless of the level.
  • Experiment with the Practise Mode.

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