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If you like Geometry Dash, you'll probably love Can't Let Go. The same idea, but with additional difficulty and intrigue. Listen to soothing music while you work through the numerous challenges.

The Rules of the Game

Can't let go is the second challenging level in Geometry Dash Lite, and it's the sixth overall. Jumping is required, and so is arranging spikes such that they are perched precariously just above your head.

Here's a plan to bring in some secret coins

From the jump pad past the three jump rings, slide down two platforms, leap up two platforms, and finally drop down to the coin. There are three launching pads that will return you to the main path. (26%)

In order to reach the coin, you must first overcome the first dangling spiky barrier. (62%)

You need to slide down a block, leap, and avoid a spike before you can drop upon the coin (76%).

How To Play

  • Press [up][w][space] to leap or hop on the yellow rings.
  • To avoid spikes, 
  • It's possible to acquire a huge leap by tapping the yellow pads. Jump higher by tapping the bluepad (a missing gravity portal).
  • You may increase your score by collecting coins. The letter "L" is used to cycle through several filters. In order to hasten things along
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