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All ages will enjoy playing City Defense 2. You have to keep the people under control and defend the city from takeover!

Guidelines for City Defense 2

You adore the game City Defense 2. To win, you have to take charge of the city's crowd defense system as well as the base. To win the game, you have to compute, multiply, and increase the number of runners on your team. To win even the most intense stickman combat, you need to have the correct gates and levels. To be the greatest crowd control, you'll need to win the last fight against the King-stickman and seize possession of the castle.


  • Fly through the air while pulling off your most audacious feats.
  • Take pleasure in 30 carefully thought-out levels of gaming.
  • Take on gamers from all across the world.
  • Game dynamics based on physics

City Defense 2 may now be played on PCs. Some fantastic action games include Mob Control and 1v1.LOL Unblocked.

How To Play

Use mouse or WASD

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