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If you like games like Geometry Dash, you have to check out Clutterfunk, a more difficult and interesting take on the premise. Listen to soothing music while you take on the numerous obstacles.

Here's a Way to Find Some Extra Money

You must first duck beneath the first barrier, then fly cautiously over the fourth and fifth barriers up high to get the coin. (31%)

Once the spacecraft has shrunk back to its original size and exited the second gravity hole. You need to navigate a flight path that takes you past a saw blade and through a column opening before you can claim your reward. (65%)

Jump off of the first 3-step structure and onto the jumppad, then go to the second and third jump rings. The missing fourth ring will crash to the floor on a bed of saws. (86%)

How To Play

  • Press [up][w][space] to leap or hop on the yellow rings.
  • To avoid spikes,
  • Get a high jump by tapping the yellow pads. To boost your leap height, tap a bluepad (a missing gravity portal).
  • Get extra points by gathering the coins. The letter "L" can be used to toggle between several effects. (in order to speed up the process).
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