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Controlling the airplane and navigating through all of the obstacles in an infinite universe is the primary objective of the new free game Cosmic Aviator.

Cosmic Aviator gameplay guide 

In addition to having a lovely concept, Cosmic Aviator is a fantastic mix of adventure and leisure gaming. This game's rules are straightforward. Being a skilled pilot and maneuvering a modern aircraft are your roles to perform. The never-ending maze of dangers and impediments to navigate. Additionally, you may get the greatest score by gathering as many power-ups as you can. Now show that you are the best cosmic pilot by being an expert with the controls and able to predict every turn.

Fantastic Features

  • Beautiful, vivid images in the manner of art
  • Sound sounds and storyline reminiscent of Cosmo
  • Easy gameplay mechanics and intuitive control
  • Not necessary, but advantageous, are strategic talents.

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