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Cuphead is an incredible culinary game in which you must combat these debtors while collecting money for the Devil!

How to play

This is a boss battle scenario with instructions. (Wally Warbles, Wally Returns!) Cuphead. Take command of your aircraft and fight the avian boss! Continue shooting until you are only left with one. This game has a unique plot and draws you in with famous cartoon visuals and style.

Success Guidelines

  • In Cuphead, parrying is a good defensive move. Successful parries, on the other hand, might boost your unique power meter.
  • You can always go somewhere safe to wait out the boss's strikes.
  • Cuphead is a lot more fun when you mix things around. The shoot button is now linked to the trigger on your controller rather than a face, allowing you to leap and fire at the same time.

How To Play

One Player Controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • X to shoot
  • C to shrink
  • Z to parry
  • V to use superpower

Two Player Controls

  • Move: player 1 use arrow keys and player 2 use the WASD keys
  • Parry: player 1 use U and player 2 use X
  • Shoot: player 1 use I and player 2 use C
  • Shrin: player 1 use O and player 2 use V
  • Use superpower: player 1 use P and player 2 use B
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