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Dash Runner is a fresh new action game in which the objective is to run as far as possible while avoiding all spikes and dodging any other obstacles you come across. Take some time to savor the tunes as you compete.

How to Play

The hyper-casual video game Dash Runner is known for its frenetic speed and addictive quality. The little round figure that you control must be moved from one side to the other as you navigate through perilous environments. You are unable to see what you are doing, and the varied barriers, based on their size, shape, and color, each have their own unique impacts. You won't be able to access further skins or stages unless you finish all of the levels. You may control the player's motions by clicking or tapping on the screen.


Swiping either up or down on a mobile device will allow the user to navigate through the blue blocks. You can travel up or down by using the arrow on your desktop, and you can move through the blue blocks by using the space bar.

How To Play

Mouse Left

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