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Dinosaur Hunt is an exciting adventure game in which you hunt dinosaurs and other tiny creatures for food.

Instructions for Dinosaur Hunt

Dinosaur Hunt may be won by carefully driving and killing dinosaurs who wish to return their eggs. You can flee if you like, but your mobility will be slowed while holding the pistol. The position of the dinosaur may also be shown on a map. It isn't really important that each dinosaur strikes in a distinct way, yet it does. You will be given two minutes to delete as much as possible.


  • There are several dinosaur species to pursue.
  • Select between hunting and survival modes.
  • There are several formidable weapons for hunting and survival.

The simulation in Dinasaur Hunt is excellent. It's an excellent method to become acquainted with prehistoric species. Other dinosaur games to try are Dino Egg Defense and Dinosaurs game.

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