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Dino: Fight and Merge challenges players to join their soldiers, tame the strong dinosaurs, and conquer opponent defenses in order to assemble the most formidable army possible and win the game.

Instructions for Dino: Fight and Merge

This is a game that may be played with both close friends and extended relatives. In order to improve the power of individual units of the same kind, you must link them. On desktop computers, you should use the mouse, while on mobile devices, you should use your finger. You have the option of purchasing dinosaurs, cavemen, or both. Then, to create a more powerful unit, combine two components of the same kind. Make use of this in your struggle against the foes and the red dinosaurs. You will also be expected to show some bravery and combine with the dinosaurs in order to emerge victorious from this fight. In order to rule the battlefield and compete with other dinosaurs, your species has to evolve into the one that is the most terrifying and aggressive.

The Primary Features

  • In order to create new, more powerful beasts, combine a variety of dinosaurs with soldiers.
  • Fight your way through archers, dragons, and monsters to seize control of the area controlled by the enemy.
  • Apply strategy and be fast on your feet if you want to make progress and win fights.
  • Find undiscovered beasts and guide their development into more formidable species.
  • Controls that are intuitive, as well as stunning 3D visuals

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