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Dino Rush - Hypercasual Runner is a fun arcade game in which the player must run away from the authorities in order to experience the Wild West.

Instructions for Dino Rush - Hypercasual Runner

Dino Rush is one of the most enjoyable hypercasual games that we have played. Our team is excited to share it with each and every one of you. If you want to evade moving automobiles and other obstacles on your way to gathering necessary materials, you may utilise a dinosaur as a transportation. Your dinosaur will develop into an adult once it has collided with people and vehicles travelling at a slower speed. As you guide your dinosaurs around the track, gathering money and bones so that they can become larger, you will have to make some sharp turns.


  • Graphics that are Black and White and Very Simple
  • Jump and you're done!
  • Your goal should be to get your personal best score.
  • Chromeasaurus Rex needs your aid to triumph over challenges, so play some addicting games!
  • Enjoy free play.

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