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The objective of the popular racing game Drift Boss is, simply put, to keep drifting for as long as possible.

Game Rules

In the racing game Drift Boss, you must drift to win. You'll need to steer clear of dangers and pick up money so you can modify your car. The show is both fascinating and addicting. Before reaching the goal, you may have to play the game hundreds or even thousands of times. Resist the urge to play. Maintain a level head and avoid becoming confrontational. Rapid action is required to keep from plunging over the edge. Stay away from convoluted twists and turns. You'll be given a score based on how far you've gone.


  • The simple, one-button controls make it a breeze to play.
  • Unlockable vehicles with enhanced handling
  • You get a prize every day for your hard work.

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How To Play

Manage From A Computer

Just using the space bar or clicking the left mouse button will cause you to veer to the right. To go left, press the button and hold it down.


To advance to the right, tap the display. To go to the left, tap the screen and hold it down.

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