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Among the Dash Series, one of the best games is Dry Out. There is a gravity portal as well as an antigravity section, and your objective is to remove all of the obstructions.

How to Play

Dried Out is the fourth level in Geometry Dash and the second level of the Normal difficulty level in Geometry Dash Lite. There is availability for a single ship sequence as well as an antigravity cube section ranging from 67% to 84%.


  • You will be able to slide down upon the coin after the gaming has stopped by hopping to the next platform, which will allow you to do so.
  • After completing the antigravity section and completing the second leaping ring, you will need to jump up to two platforms in order to reach the spiked platform that is dangling above you. You will then have to descend in order to obtain the coin, then you will have to leap once more in order to avoid the spike.
  • The alternating spiked obstacles make up the second segment of the ship's sequence.
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