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It's a great hypercasual game in the Dash genre called Duck Dash, and it requires you to leap and attempt to adjust the path's direction in order to avoid falling off of it.

How to Play

On our website, one of the Cyberchase Games that is the most popular is called Duck Dash. There are a total of fifty levels. As part of the adventure, you will go to the next level without any action required on your side. To proceed, you will not be required to click on any buttons. In addition to walls, there will be several more perilous obstructions. In order to get gems, you will need to go through all of the rounds. If you have a sufficient number of gems, you will be able to unlock other monsters.

The Formula for Victory

To alter the lanes that the ducks fly on, you may either use the mouse to click the up/down buttons or hit the up/down arrows on your keyboard. This enables you to navigate around potential hazards, such as other birds or storm clouds. It also gives you the ability to switch between other flying creatures if the leader becomes exhausted.

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