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You take control of an egg character in Egg Dash, and it is your job to guide it through all of the challenges and thrills that the game has to offer.

Instructions for Egg Dash

It is expected that there will be some really tight moments as the levels advance. A challenging area of UFOs will force the gamer to work hard. Certain ships have a very confining layout. At that point, the ship's speed will be slowed down by fifty percent. It will be necessary for the player to commit the timings of the slopes to memory in order to go through the level successfully.

Main Features

  • The structure of this level is identical to that of the 2.0 levels, with the exception that there is no robot.
  • Compete against a wide range of difficulties and impediments.
  • When confronted with difficulties, acrobatics is an excellent weapon to have at your disposal.

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