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Farm Animals Dash is a fun puzzle game in which the objective is to pair together 10 different types of animals. Enjoy!

Instructions for Farm Animals Dash

You have the ability to match animal tiles. Despite how simple it may first seem, the gameplay in Farm Animals is rather difficult. The fact that the animal goes ahead on its own power is the reason behind this. You have to swiftly match them up in order to avoid colliding with an obstruction or falling through a gap. When you have accumulated a sufficient number of eggs at the end of the game and have reached the final level, you will be able to exchange the eggs for money. It is possible to get additional characters by collecting coins. The player begins the game with a Chicken, but there are more characters, such as a Cow, Cat, Sheep, etc., that may be unlocked as they go through the game. Even your score will be shown on the top scorer's board. Participate in the game and strive to get high scores in order to climb the scoreboard.


  • This logic puzzle game is both entertaining and difficult to play.
  • Simple manipulations and uncomplicated 3D graphics
  • Experience a never-ending variety of challenging levels.
  • There are more than 20 different skins and clothing that may be chosen for your character.

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