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Fish Eat Fish is a fascinating game for 2-players in which the objective is to become the biggest fish possible by consuming other, lesser fish while avoiding larger fish.

Instructions for Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish is a survival game in which the only way to maintain your health is to eat fish. To succeed in this game, you have to steer clear of the bigger fish while gobbling up the lesser ones so that you may grow to be the biggest fish in the ocean. In this action-packed multiplayer game, there are several underwater places that you may swim through. Because certain destinations have requirements for a specific level, you cannot access them until you have reached that level. The player has the opportunity to utilize and acquire a wide range of fish in this game. They are capable of evolving and achieving higher levels. You also have the option of dressing up your characters and providing them with goods.


The Ivi that are yellow and purple are in the authority of the player 1 right now. Buttons mapped to: WASD.

Player 2 is in charge of the neon robot that's orange and white. The arrow keys are the buttons. This fish is reminiscent to the one that appeared in the movie "Finding Nemo."

The green and yellow Tod is at the command of the third player. Buttons are labeled as UHJK or Mouse.


  • Fish come in a wide variety of species, each of which may be gathered, developed, and used.
  • There is a wide variety of swimming courses and contests to choose from.
  • There are a wide variety of game modes available for selection.
  • Enjoy free play.

Tall Man Evolution and Fish Eat Getting Big are two other games that you have the option of playing. Both of these are fantastic games for more than two players. You may test them out right now at no cost on Geometry Dash Subzero!

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