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Geometry Dash is like Hexagon Force, but with interesting slanted bricks that provide more room for the icon to interact and travel about the level.


Each of the cube, ship, and ball under the influence of the twin portal has sections. Sections of the ship's duplicate are mirror images of one another. This makes it possible to focus on one symbol while keeping the other unharmed. The portal speed of Hexagon Force is 76%. Such speed, however, is already attained by the player. Only on Hexagon Force will you find a second speed portal compared to the other primary levels.

How to Find All of the Secret Coins

You may find the 22% hidden coin, which we've dubbed the ball, towards the very bottom of the page. As the ship, you may find and get the second hidden coin, which is worth 72%. The second hidden coin is accessible after completing a double section. At 97%, you'll find the third hidden coin. That everything adds up to the ship.

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