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The score of 2.1 was given to Demon's rendition of the game Geometry Dash Afterlife. You are going to have to become an expert at leaping over blocks if you want to beat the game in the shortest amount of time feasible.

Instructions for playing Geometry Dash Afterlife

You will have a good time playing the game Geometry Dash Afterlife. It is an enjoyable method to unwind, and at the same time, it improves your ability to concentrate as well as your reflexes. Try not to let the absence of a manual frustrate you too much. There is a portion of auto-cubes towards the end of the rise and just before the beginning of the descent. The game's most distinctive feature is the wide array of images it offers. The players will be able to win the game by only accomplishing the given objectives. You have the ability to manipulate the blocks in such a way that they do not collide with the boundaries. You are able to see the day turning into night as well as the workings of the earth. If you make it to the finish, the candles will illuminate the way for you. Experience the game in a manner that you have not done so in the past.

Some features of this may be found in the following:

  • In spite of the fact that it might be difficult at times, playing this game is one that can provide a lot of fun.
  • This series has a much greater overall number of spikes as well as demons.
  • It is important to avoid letting flashy things obscure your perspective.
  • Check other interesting games to have fun: Geometry Dash Party Dance and Geometry Dash Fantasy!
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