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Coordinate Dash The UFO Segment in Anubis, the Hard Version of Geometry Dash, has double speed, shifting gravity, and saw blade obstacles.

Rules for Geometry Dash Anubis

In the gameGeometry Dash Anubis, you must hop between blocks to escape thorns and spikes. Then, changing into a ship with multiple moving sawblades and performing a double-speed sequence. A portal with a standard speed and a brief transition cube marks the conclusion of the segment. The brief UFO portion, which consists of huge gaps filled with varying-sized saw blades and a giant "GG" inscription, also has to be cleared.

How to collect coins

Navigate to 49% of the cube to locate the first coin. As soon as the player enters the portal, they must drop and fly under two sawblades in order to grab the second coin at 79%. The third coin is located in the last ship sequence at 98%.


  • 13,182 items make up this level.
  • This level lasts for one minute and thirteen seconds.
  • At the moment, the level is a spiky, brick-based game. At this point, the blocks were distinct and innovative.
  • The way that 3D images seem is crucial.
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