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The game Geometry Dash Arcanic Spell has a level that is quite brief and easy to understand.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Arcanic Spell

The only thing you need to do to play Geometry Dash Arcanic Spell is to hop over the spikes in a patient manner. Following that, we shall transform into a UFO. Next, we transform into a UFO. If you want to avoid striking spikes, you need to take off as rapidly as possible. It won't be long until the ships' size decreases. Soon after, you will reach a level in which the waves are rather small and you will have to navigate around sawdust.

How to collect coins

In order to get the first coins, you must first capture the skull that is located in the UFO at the 8% level. At the bullet stage, the second coin is at 68%. During the third coin 91% cube stage.

Main Features

  • An inscription written in Korean may be seen at the bottom of each level, just next to the name of the publisher.
  • While you are playing the rhythm arcade games, you will experience feelings of both frustration and excitement.
  • The creatures and spikes in this series are more numerous.

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