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It's a ton of fun playing the Dash Game-Geometry Dash Augmentation. It is important to complete all the tasks in order to move on to the next.

Geometry Dash Augmentation: Directions

The up-down arrows can be used to control the car. You can jump by pressing the button. It is an upgraded version of the original. The cube is gone, and the number is doubled in certain sections. After going through the portal the blocks are in the air in a pattern. You'll have to move in time to the beat to keep up with the obstacles. Turn your speakers loud and prepare to dance. There are now four different versions that can be downloaded for free, including Geometry Dash Bacon Invasion and Geometry Dash Miniature," the latter of which contains the first 13 levels of the whole game. Geometry Dash can be played on the Web, Android and iOS.

You can find some features in the following

  • The degree of difficulty can be varied, from challenging to nearly impossible.
  • It is easy to play and understand.
  • You can't wait to hear more music because it is so good.
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