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Geometry Dash Candescent is the latest installment in the Geometry Dash series, and like the other games in the series, its primary objective is for players to avoid being hurt while navigating spikes and blocks.

How to Play

The environment is quite routine and uninteresting. The first stage is the cube, and the second stage is the robot. To go past this section of spikes, we have to hop on the blocks. These are fairly straightforward tests that do not involve the use of spikes. The next area is a cube, and in order to enter the portal, all we have to do is bounce about on trampolines. After we have navigated our way past the spikes, we will be able to grab the last coin.


After you have passed through the portal, the first coin will be awarded to you if you complete the brief challenge presented by the spider. Then give it another crisp click.
When you collect the second coin, the level will be completed. You are not required to choose that choice. It will be raised to the top of the screen automatically, and you will be tasked with picking it up.

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