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It has been determined that the Easy Demon Level of Geometry Dash Capital Punishment deserves 10 perfect stars. As a result of the combined efforts of nine developers, it is in its final form.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Capital Punishment

In order to accomplish all of the objectives that are included inside Geometry Dash Capital Punishment, you will be required to take control of the character. When you land on yellow pads, you will earn a larger boost to your leap jump. With blue pads, you will get an even greater boost. Collect coins in order to level up your points. You may easily raise your accomplishments by collecting coins, which is one of the quickest methods to do so.

Principal Features

  • This game has a stunning design that is brimming with vivid colors and rhythms that are just right.
  • At the end of the day, seeing three coins will make you feel wonderful.
  • Because the game moves at a rapid rate, it is essential to keep control of your body when you are running, leaping, and flying.

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