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One of the most well-known installments in the Geometry Dash series is called Geometry Dash Cataclysm, and it challenges players to overcome many obstacles while collecting cash.

Game Rules

Starting at 0%, there's an easy-to-follow half-speed cube part with some phony orbs and forgiving timing.

The next 6-19% of the wave has the player navigating narrow corridors, many portals for size changes, and erratic timing.

The last 25% is the most challenging, since it has triple-speed ships, gravity portals, and a plethora of unseen size gateways. Very low inputs and smooth transitions are needed to keep the user alive in this scenario.

Somewhere between 25 and 28 percent, the player reverts to a little wave at fifty percent speed.

At 28% to 36%, the player employs a more difficult to control double-speed ball that requires both precise timing and frequent spam attacks.

Somewhere about 36% and 40%, the game transitions into a fast-paced UFO scene with a plethora of glowing orbs.

Forty to 43 percent: The UFO changes into a single-speed segment spacecraft that requires extraordinary straight-flying, striking orbs inside gravity portals.

At a range of 43-28%, the spacecraft enters a tricky three-speed cube segment.

A ball part demanding spamming and precise timing follows at 52-63%.

At the end of the level, players will face a challenging mirrored half-speed ship part with some straight-flying.

After reaching 75-84%, a short portion of half-speed waves awaits the player.

A brief and simple robot portion follows the wave section (84%-87%).

At the conclusion of the level, at about 87-100%, there is a brief scene aboard a ship, followed by the iconic signature of the game's designer, GBOY.

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