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Geometry Dash Chordy will test even the most experienced gamers. Our well-known mobile game can also be played via your computer by visiting our website.

Geometry Dash Chordy Instructions

Let's start with the cube. Clicking on the ball will start the flying level. Your objective is to navigate the gears. When the screen changes, you can continue by clicking the cube. The next step is to avoid the spikes while you navigate through platforms. The final stage is to click the square cube. You must land on both platforms successfully before you can click the cube. This is similar to Geometry Neon Dash World Two or Geometry Dash Infiltrate.

Geometry Dash Chordy has four levels.

1. The standard version allows the player to prevent being cut with the saw simply by clicking the cube. The cube will break, and the player will be sent flying in the air.

2. If you don't click on your cube friend before the transition to the saw, it won't be damaged. The cube is not damaged.

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