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Players of Geometry Dash Clubstep may do spectacular air jumps. All 10 hidden coins must be collected before you may advance a level.


Clubstep incorporates new, potentially deceptive elements such as phony spikes, faded spikes, and fading blocks. In order to make it more difficult to spot a fake spike, it is typically sold in pairs with a fading spike. The level of difficulty in this rendition is higher than in previous ones. It's harder to do in confined settings and thus takes more time. Several of the game's obstacles are meant to trick you.

How to Find All of the Secer Coins

At the 9% mark, you'll find the first hidden coin. The cube is a common shape in modern architecture. The extraterrestrial spacecraft represents the second hidden coin. You'll find it at the 71% mark. When you're in shape, you may skip over the fading spikes and ascend a different route. You just need to jump over three obstacles to win the coin. At 96%, you'll find a third hidden coin on board.

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