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The incredible video game known as Geometry Dash Coma challenges players to dodge all spikes while simultaneously holding to fly up and releasing to glide down.

How to Play

Geometry Dash Koma level is a challenging one that has been given a rating of 6 stars and 3 coins. Avoid all spikes. While in ship mode, holding will cause the ship to ascend, while releasing will cause it to descend. To make a greater leap, you must first strike a yellow pad, and then strike a blue pad at some point throughout your voyage. Even if you fail to enter a gravity portal, it will still operate. It is imperative that you remember to gather all of the coins in order to get additional points.


  • To leap or to jump on yellow rings, press [up] [w] [space] on your keyboard.
  • Pressing the letter L will toggle the effects and lessen the latency.
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