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The latest iteration of Geometry Dash is called Geometry Dash Concave, and it features an all-new gameplay mode in which players must jump over obstacles and dodge them.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Concave

The fact that Geometry Dash Concave is driven by music sets it apart from other similar games like Geometry Dash Meltdown. There is music that falls under the headings of dance, dubstep, and electronic dance music. Steer clear of anything that could cut you. You need to jump higher if you want to improve your score and go past the barriers. You have the option of using the mouse to move the board, or you may use the up/down arrows and the w key instead.


Following that, we have a straightforward robot. After the initial UFO, there is just one more standard UFO. After some time has passed, there is a good chance that the shapes and gravity will begin to shift more regularly. After then follows the stage of the short ship. Following that is the ball. Following that, a robot.

The coins on Geometry Dash Concave 

The first coin is worth half. The second coin is valued at 65%. In order to obtain this coin, you will need to fly up the trail. Make sure to keep your mouse button depressed on the black circle. The percentage for the third coin will be 93%.

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