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When you are in the cube phase of Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard, which is a medium-speed dash game, you are required to begin leaping earlier than you would normally.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard

It is possible to win the game Geometry Dash Cosmic Shard by moving quickly and accurately through the levels while avoiding spike walls and other obstacles. However, despite its apparent ease of play, this game is not suitable for beginners. You have to make your way through each pillar in order to complete the level. Your reflexes, control, and reaction speed will all be put to the test in this game. 

A collection of coins

For you to be able to get the second coin, which is located at 63% in robot mode, you will need to fly through the top wall. If you want to acquire the second coin, you will need to fly through the top of the wall. The third coin is now operating at 88% on the ball stage.

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