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Players of the brand-new version of Geometry Dash known as Geometry Dash Cybersphere are tasked with avoiding and jumping over various obstacles throughout the game.

Guidelines for playing Geometry Dash Cybersphere

Geometry In the initial part of the Cybersphere level for Dash, there is a cube that hides the first secret coin. The next obstacle is a wave that is roughly as challenging as the cube but gets progressively more tough as it progresses. Steer clear of anything that could cut you.

You need to jump higher if you want to improve your score and go past the barriers. You have the option of using the mouse to move the board, or you may use the up/down arrows and the w key instead. If you give the game an exciting climax, you will have reached the most difficult phase of the game, even if it is only a few seconds long.

Collecting secret coins

The first anonymous coin at 9%. If you release the dash orb earlier than normal and then make two clicks, you will be able to take the coin at the 50% chance. The clue is found on the third coin, which has a percentage of 87%.

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