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Geometry Dash: Dark Paradise was meticulously crafted with a simplistic aesthetic, characterized by its user-friendly design and an abundance of visually stimulating flashing elements.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Dark Paradise

Subsequently, the ball will proceed to move at a standard velocity. Additionally, it is important to engage in the act of rebounding on many blue gravitational pads and modulate velocities by alternating between half and double speeds. The visual display will include Rolipso's distinctive signature, followed by the appearance of two text messages expressing gratitude with the abbreviation "THX". Subsequently, the viewer will be swiftly transported through the concluding set of portals operating at triple the normal speed. The course has concluded. It undergoes continuous transformation in order to surmount the most challenging challenges and ultimately achieve a flawless score.

How to collect coins

The first coin can be found within the cube at a rate of 9%. In order to gather the coins located within the designated region constituting 24% of the total space, it is necessary to navigate beneath the protruding spikes and ascend the elevated platform. The third and final coin can be located at a proportion of 57%.


  • The quantity of objects in this particular level amounts to 17,266.
  • This level ranks eighth in terms of download popularity within the game. 
  • The utilization of blue orbs serves to augment the level of difficulty inside the game.

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