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The latest installment in the Geometry Dash series, Geometry Dash Demon, is a game in which you must complete a variety of difficult stages while listening to appealing music in order to emerge victorious.

How to Play

There is speculation that the Geometry Dash Demon is the ancestor of each and every level in the Geometry Dash game. What are your thoughts? This iteration is challenging, and in order to prevail, you will need to exhaust all of your options. Both of the lists include a total of 75 demons, therefore they may be split into two halves. The Legacy List is comprised of Demons that were formerly on the list but were subsequently removed due to the addition of new levels. The Legacy List does not adhere to any particular sequence and is revised as new Demons move down on the list.

How To Play

JUMP may be activated by pressing [Space], [W], [Up], or by clicking the mouse.
The symbol for "pause" is a capital letter "P."
LAG - Pressing [L] cycles through the special effects.
Restart - [Green Flag]

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