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To navigate dangerous locations in Geometry Dash DuBaHi, you must soar through the air and leap over obstacles.

Geometry Dash DuBaHi Instructions

On the other hand, the user interface of Geometry Dash DuBaHi is just as impressive as the gameplay itself. The control you have over your movement and leaping will be same to what you had in past episodes. You'll notice that the pattern remains the same as you progress through the stages.  Make use of spikey things to put your ability to leap, soar, and flip up to the test as you progress through dangerous stages. The game Geometry Dash DuBaHi provides players with a wide variety of options. Don't forget to gather coins so that you may increase your strength further.


  • Play free adventure games on the internet by using the internet.
  • A gameplay that is simple to comprehend and engaging to play
  • Through the purchase of extra skins, you have the ability to customize your character

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