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You must complete all of the stages in Geometry Dash Electrodynamix, one of the best games in the Geometry Dash series.

How to Play

You'll be able to try out antigravity for the first time, all thanks to the UFO. This is an extremely difficult sequence, with no easy gaps. This level marks the debut of a new background and features the use of pre-set color decorations and blocks.

Methods for Acquiring Hidden Coins

The 40% mark is where you'll find the 40th hidden coin. Often referred to as a UFO. At 57%, you'll find the cube, which is the second mystery coin. As you get to the ring formation in the shape of a triangle, go for the two gravity rings instead of the jump ring. You'll stumble across a crack that leads straight to the coin. The third hidden coin, the cube, is located at the 85% mark. The coin can be obtained by hitting the yellow jump ring, then jumping onto a gravity pad and passing under a saw blade on a secret platform quite low to the earth.

How To Play

  • The yellow rings can be jumped on by pressing [up][w][space][ctrl][shift] or by clicking on them.
  • Beware of spikes
  • To ascend in ship mode, press and hold the button, and to descend, release it.
  • Reach great heights by pressing a yellow pad.
  • To increase your height, press a blue pad. Failed to enter the gravitational portal.
  • Bonuses are awarded for coin collection.
  • Press L to cycle through the available effects (To reduce lag)
  • Pressing B will toggle the background (Can reduce lag).
  • Cloud is a helpful resource, however it only keeps track of two grades.

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