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The thrilling new version of Geometry Dash is called Geometry Dash Elite, and it tasks players with avoiding obstacles as they jump and glide through progressively challenging levels.


Geometry Dash Elite is the sequel to the critically acclaimed rhythm game Geometry Dash. Three years after the original release, it finally hit shelves. The goal of this arcade game is to make it to the end by dodging and jumping over numerous geometric objects and traps. If you can leap high enough, you can fly, and use that ability to avoid danger and go where you need to go. More mysteries will be solved as you go.

How To Play

  • Pressing [up] [w] [space] allows you to leap into yellow circles.
  • It's best to avoid the spikes.
  • Hitting a yellow pad will give you a significant height boost.
  • Take a few steps onto a blue pad to instantly improve your vertical (missing a gravity portal).
  • It's possible that if you gather up the coins, you'll be rewarded with a higher score.
  • Toggle the effects and reduce latency with a press of the letter L.
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