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You will be transported to a wonderful universe in Geometry Dash Evasive Action, which has a straightforward cube component with precise timing for jumping orbs.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Evasive Action

 Initially, there is a double-speed robot segment in Geometry Dash Evasive Action. This part has jump orbs and shifting platforms. In addition to this, you will need to strike the yellow orb right away, and if they hit the blue orb, they will be required to execute a timing immediately thereafter. Once you have entered a UFO section, you are required to strike the first two yellow portals, and then you must hit the yellow orb that is located inside the blue portal. 

Key Features

  • There are more than 77,637 items in the level.
  • One minute and seventeen seconds is the duration of the level.
  • The capacity for coordination will be put to the test for the whole of this activity.
  • Your constant efforts will be rewarded in a manner that is seen to be substantial.

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