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The level of Geometry Dash Fast Stereo Madness is really challenging. There are pillars of straw to climb, spikes to leap over, and some to sprint over.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Fast Stereo Madness

In the game Geometry Dash Fast Stereo Madness, you must move the structures after jumping over spikes three times and going through large wall holes. Following the little break, you will begin the ship's stage. Next, you have to make two jumps while rolling along the platform and along the pillars. When the backdrop is red, hop over the spikes and land on the platform.


  • Fast Stereo Madness, the official Stereo Madness level, has been redone at triple speed.
  • This level, which has the tough yet catchy soundtrack Mania, is one of the easiest.
  • The game takes a fresh approach to an old concept.
  • Select from a variety of colors and symbols to give your character a distinct appearance.

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