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This game, Geometry Dash Flappy UFO, features 50 obstacles that will transport you to a magnificent world of relaxation.

How to play Geometry Dash Flappy UFO

Check out Geometry Dash Flappy UFO immediately if you are anticipating a more challenging level of the Geometry Dash game. The rule is straightforward; passing all obstacles, including spiked pillars, is required. You must navigate a spacecraft through treacherous impediments and arrive at the gate at the end of the road when the game assumes a UFO shape. Now, navigate through the obstacles by tapping or clicking to cause the UFO to flap its wing.

Key Features

  • Geometry Dash Flappy UFO is a game that draws inspiration from the mechanics of the popular game Flappy Bird.
  • There are openings, pipelines, and other hazards on all levels.

In Geometry Dash Samourai and Geometry Dash LXIX, you will be required to navigate a diverse array of obstacles and circumstances.

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