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It is necessary for you to exercise control over a little square as it moves across the screen in rhythm with the music in the game Geometry Dash Folklore.

Instructions on Geometry Dash Folklore

In Geometry Dash Folklore, you may choose these levels by clicking the left mouse button on your selection menu. The player is tasked with guiding the character past various obstacles, such as spikes and walls. The online community for Geometry Dash Folklore is highly active, and it gives players the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of projects and share strategies and techniques with other players.

Amazing Features

  • You may customize your character with skins and accessories that are based on a wide variety of mythological creatures, gods, and heroes.
  • All of the worlds are exquisitely crafted, and each one has a concept that is completely unique. In addition, they have a music that draws inspiration from a variety of folklore cultures.

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